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Deep Relationships:

We are effective advocates for our clients because we have deep relationships with policymakers and their staffs, both in the Congress and in the Executive Branch, as well as with influencers, pundits, and with the media.  These relationships help our clients succeed.

Strategic Counsel:

Based on real-time insights from Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch, we give exceptional advice to our clients that helps them execute smart yet cost-effective strategies.


We have an excellent track-record of leading coalitions that blend effective, direct lobbying with creative communication tactics that move the needle on behalf of the client. 

Crisis Communications:

The best advocates know how to help clients as they try to communicate in a crisis.  And these days, many of these crises are created on Capitol Hill.  We are experts at helping your government affairs team manage the latest crisis.  Because of our unique experiences -- working in Congress, working on campaigns, working in the media, and working in the private sector -- we know how to keep a story from going viral, how to engage with the media, and how put out the fire before it blazes out of control. 

Earned Media:

Getting favorable earned media coverage is essential to achieving your legislative goals, and we excel at creating effective strategies, whether it is pitching the right reporter or drafting and placing the right op-ed.

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