More than 60 percent of our business is lobbying.  We are good advocates for our clients because we work hard, we have deep relationships, we have good reputations and we are honest.

Strategic Counsel:

We believe in the value proposition at EFB Advocacy.  Collectively, the three partners at EFB have more than 75 years of Washington experience and over those decades, we have learned a thing or two about how to create a winning strategy.  First, it’s important to clearly and concisely define the objective to be achieved.  Then, it is necessary to wisely use the resources available to achieve that objective.  Creating a strategy that deploys smart yet cost-effective tactics is something we take very seriously.

Crisis Communications:

When you work for a Speaker of the House or when you produce an award-winning television news program or when you are a campaign manager for a statewide Senate race, you get used to putting out fires.  It is always better to avoid a crisis in the first place and that requires constant diligence and an extra set of eyes.  But once you are in a crisis, it is nice to have folks around who are adept at keeping their heads cools under press, who give great advice when that advice is most needed, who have used tactics in the past that have worked to bring the temperature down, and who have sterling reputations for honesty.  In our view, the best spin in a crisis is telling the truth on your terms.

Hearing Preparation:

Few careers have been saved testifying before Congress but more than a few have been destroyed.   We have been on all three sides of the hearing circus. We have been in the hot seat, we have covered the hot seat and we have made the seat hot by preparing tough questions.  Our advice on how to survive:  Meet with everybody, prepare for every question, be authentic and empathetic in your answers and give Congress homework.

Video Storytelling:

We believe that for videos to be watchable, they must be done professionally, with the proper lighting, and the right audio.  They must also immediately capture the attention of the audience.   Most people don’t have the time or inclination to watch advocacy videos.  To make them effective, you better make them really good.


Everybody has their own podcast.  We do.  Why don’t you?  Podcasts are a great way to entertain and inform targeted audiences about issues important to your industry.  We produce podcasts for our clients in house and help you build an audience so that more than you and your mother are consuming them.

Earned Media:

There is really nothing better than getting a story in the newspaper that helps to set the terms of the debate, especially when that story is favorable to your side of the argument.  We are very good at getting your side of the story out there, through earned media, whether it is by pitching reporters or drafting op-eds that run in the various media outlets in Washington.

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